ANSI emulation in color xterm

ANSI emulation in color xterm

Post by Savio L » Fri, 28 May 1993 13:30:04

[Rob, I can't reach you by email, so I post the reply here]

> I read in c.o.l.a that you have modified xterm to support ANSI.  I think
> this is a good idea, except for the change in ESC[2J behaviour...
> Actually, ESC[2J should not move the cursor, but it should only clear
> the screen.  This is a bug in the DOS implementation of ANSI.SYS.  To
> keep compatibility with the real ANSI terminals, you may want to make
> this behaviour an option (e.g. set it using a resource)
> Regards,
> Rob Janssen

I know that. But since most DOS based BBS assumes that ESC [2J will move
cursor to the home position, and this will cause problems if it doesn't,
so I've changed this. May be I will add another resource for this. If
you can't wait, you can modify charproc.c yourself.

Savio Lam.

Lam Lai Yin, Savio

Department of Computer Science
Chinese University of Hong Kong


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Hello All,

        I am having some problems with compiling the
Ansi based Color_xterm.  The compiler is dying out on me
on/in one of the Tekproc.c functions.  I don't know C well
enough to fix it myself.  I was wondering, tho, if anyone
has been able to get it to compile?  I'm not sure if it is
worth trying to sludge thru it to fix, if no one else has
gotten it to work.

Email or post replies, whatever suits you best.




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