SLS 1.03 diskx1 description file missing line?

SLS 1.03 diskx1 description file missing line?

Post by Woloschuk David » Sun, 08 Aug 1993 23:42:09

While installing SLS 1.03 I noticed that the description file
for x1, "diskx1", is missing an entry for afm.tgz

Is it important?  

Please e-mail a reply as well as posting please.  I'll be away from my
machine and will probably miss several postings to this group

David R! Woloschuk


1. SLS 1.03 install and missing header files

I have the following comments and questions to do with installation of
SLS 1.03.

Firstly, I would like to say that I really appreciate the time and effort
put into the SLS distribution by Peter. The comments following are NOT
intended to be criticisms.

- I had a lot of trouble getting SLS to install. I have a 386 with 4mb
  of memory, so the first thing I did was select the option to create
  a swap partition.
  Unfortunately, mkswap ran out of memory while trying to create the
  swap partition. This results in a catch-22 situation which should be
  resolved before the next release.

- Also due to memory shortage (and no swap space), some of the packages
  failed to install and had to be done by hand afterwards.

- Now I have a working system, I appear to be missing many of the gcc
  header files (stddef.h, float.h, to name two). Does anyone know from
  which package they should be extracted ?

Thanks in advance, Mark.


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