hash -r missing from install.2.x for GCC

hash -r missing from install.2.x for GCC

Post by John Epste » Tue, 18 Aug 1992 19:33:30

Not having gcc 2.2.2d compiled binutils on the first try
at installing gcc 2.2.2d, I had to re-re-install gcc 2.2.2d
because the install.2.x shell script lacks a 'hash -r'
after installing the binutils.  This problem might also
occur after the original attempt to gcc -dumpspecs,
requiring a 'hash -r' after installing 2.2.2ddb.tar.Z

Of course, getting wierd results and rebooting also is
effective as a rehash :-) :-) :-)



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I have two machines running 2.5.1 (SS20, Ultra 1). The only patches
installed are 103582-01 and 103630-01. Both machine produce the following
message/error(?)/warning(?) at least twice per hour:

        Jul 29 12:16:10 picard syslog: k_getuid: Hash miss

Does anybody know what the cause of this message ist and how
to fix it (if possible)?? I haven't seen that before. With
2.5 it never occured....

Thanks in advance!


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