X installation on MCC

X installation on MCC

Post by lau chi ng » Thu, 19 Aug 1993 14:29:02

I have installed MCC Linux on my 486 pc.  Can anybody tell me how to
install X windows on MCC Linux?

There is no "useradd" program in MCC, where can I get it?


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1. ext2fs and packages errors in MCC installation

my system:      a 3/486 OPTi495SLC VL-bus mboard; AMD 386DX-40; 4M RAM
                a Quantum LPS 270 IDE drive
                a VISION VL IDE & multi-i/o card
                a teac 1.44M floppy drive
                a vga 4000 card (borrowed)
                a tandy vgm-200 monitor (borrowed)

the drive has a 50M dos partition, a 200M linux native, and a 10+M linux

im trying to install the MCC-interim 1.0+ distribution of linux on this
system and am having difficulties. namely, the following errors are reported:

after making the fs, when trying to access it:

ext2-fs error (device 3/2): ext2_check_blocks_bitmap: Wrong free blocks
count for group 24, stored = 7932, counted = 0

ext2-fs error (device 3/2): ext2_check_blocks_bitmap: Wrong free blocks
count in superblock, stored = 198287, counted = 190355

checking it scrolls alot of negative numbers by (about 3 screens) and
reports FIXED with a 0 bad blocks count.

also, when installing the base packages (option i) it reports
the following files as BAD:


kinda hard to do much w/out those eh?

all of the unborrowed equipment is <1 mo old, and both the boot/root
floppies and the HD (when formatted with a single 260+M dos partition)
report 0 bad sectors when checked with scandisk. im at a bit of a

any help would be appreciated, as im getting pretty frustrated, ive
re-ftp'ed/downloaded/created the boot and rootdisks multiple times,
and w/ a 2400 baud modem thats not a light task.

- jeremy


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