Fujitsu M2511A (optical disk, SCSI-2) will it work w/ Linux ?

Fujitsu M2511A (optical disk, SCSI-2) will it work w/ Linux ?

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Quote:> Hello Linuxers !
> about the Fujitsu optical disk with 128 MB, 3.5" media.

I am also interested in hearing about this (or similar) drive.
I think it would make a good alternative to the SyQuest drives, with
a bit lower media cost.  Thus it could double as a backup device without
too much pain.

The question, of course, is... will it work?

Quote:> Thanks for your answers,

Thanks also.

> Norbert.
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1. Fujitsu M2511A 128Mb Magneto Optical on x86

I bought a Fujitsu M2511A 128Mb Magneto Optical disk some time ago,
when I was using SunSoft Interactive Unix, and it works just great
under Interactive (and DOS too).

However, it won't work under Solaris x86 2.1. When trying to mount
a disk, I get many (about 8 I think) reports of:

        Error for command 'mode sense' Error Level: Fatal
        Requested Block -1, Error Block -1
        Sense key: Illegal Request
        Vendor 'FUJITSU': ASC = 0x24 (invalid cdb), ASCQ = 0x0, FRU = 0x0

and user is hung (and unkillable) and media removal prevented.

Is there any way round this. Would x86 2.4 help (it's nearly ready to roll
out in the UK I heard).

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