AD: New Linux CD-ROM, $9

AD: New Linux CD-ROM, $9

Post by Daniel Jimen » Thu, 19 Oct 1995 04:00:00

ADRAS Computing is now taking orders for a new Linux Operating System
CD with Slackware(tm) 3.0 and a live file system.  The CD has over
600 megabytes of Linux software and documentation.  It sells for $9
plus shipping and handling ($3 in the USA, $5 elsewhere).  The CD will
begin shipping around October 27, 1995.

Linux is Linus Torvald's 32-bit Unix-like operating system that works
on 386, 486, and Pentium PCs.  Slackware is the most popular Linux
distribution, with lots of utilities and applications.

Slackware 3.0 is the most current version of Slackware, with Linux
kernel 1.2.13 (and 1.3.24 sources) and up-to-date versions of Linux
software.  Slackware 3.0 features the ELF executable format that makes
life easier for programmers (your old a.out binaries will still work).

The CD comes with a "live" file system, so you can run Linux directly from
the CD with minimal hard disk usage.  Using UMSDOS, you can even install
Linux on your DOS drive without repartitioning.  Of course, you can also
install Linux in its own partition for improved performance.

You get the following features with Slackware 3.0

   o  Unix-like operating system with the usual Unix commands
   o  Internet services, e-mail, telnet, ftp, etc.
   o  easy installation and configuration
   o  live file system lets you try Linux before you commit to a full install
   o  supports most PC hardware, including many weird CD-ROM drives
   o  complete documentation on CD
   o  X Window System (XFree86 3.1.1) with graphics and applications software
   o  modem communications programs
   o  TeX, LaTeX, and other *TeX programs
   o  tons of other applications programs, name it, it's probably there
   o  X games, text games, SVGA games, DOOM
   o  C/C++ compiler and de* (gcc 2.7.0, libc 5.0.9)
   o  GNU Ada compiler (GNAT), GNU Pascal compiler (gpc), g77, other languages
   o  coexists nicely with other operating systems like MS-DOS
   o  complete source code
   o  sources and patches for Linux kernels up to 1.3.24
   o  lots of documentation on-line

If you've been downloading the ~400 megabyte Slackware distribution onto
floppies, you also get to reuse all your old disks and modem time for
something else :-)

The CD sells for $9.00US.  It comes with instructions on how to get started
installing Linux on your system.  Please add $3.00 for shipping and handling,
$1.00 shipping and handling for each additional CD.  Outside the US, please
add $5.00 shipping and handling, $1.50 for s+h for each additional CD.  If you
can't pay in US dollars, please contact me for details.  Checks, money orders
and CODs accepted.  Add $4.00 for COD orders.  If paying by personal check,
your order will ship after the check clears.  Texas residents add 7% sales
tax.  I will donate 10% of the sales price for each CD to the Free Software
Foundation.  To order or for more information, contact me at:

ADRAS Computing
PO Box 29391
San Antonio, TX 78229

You can order by sending a check or money order in the mail along with
your address, or you can order COD by sending me your address through
e-mail.  Please specify "the CD with Slackware 3.0"  when ordering, so
I'll know which CD you want.

ADRAS Computing offers free technical support to customers through
e-mail for installing Slackware.  If you would like to see what is on
disk before you buy, you can find a gzip'ed 'ls -laR' of the CD in .

Slackware(tm) is a trademark owned by Patrick Volkerding.
Daniel Jimenez


AD: New Linux CD-ROM, $9

Post by Von-Kyoung Ki » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I am interested in purchasing Slackware 3.0 as well as manual if it is available.
Please send me information about this purchase.