modifying X for a new graphics card.. how?

modifying X for a new graphics card.. how?

Post by Adam Schuet » Sun, 19 Nov 2000 11:18:48

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing a new graphics card.  I have a line
on a (3d labs? ) oxygen 64MB card.  Ruling!

Assuming that X supports this card (I will check the xfree86
site), what steps do I need to follow to configure/modify X on
my machine?

I am using redhat, so I assume that whatever I do, I'll need to
do it with rpms.

Does anybody have a link that details the various things that
would need to be done?

If I understand X properly, there are various server types for
different graphics chips.  So, I'd need to get the appropriate
server for the oxygen card, and then configure (with xf85config
? I think this is the config program, it's been -soo- long since
I've done this stuff).  Is there anything else I should be aware

How do I go about the server upgrade?  Do you just install over
top the old one?

any help/links would be appreciated.



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