Snappy, anyone use this neat video grabber on a linux box?

Snappy, anyone use this neat video grabber on a linux box?

Post by Raymond Isaa » Sun, 08 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi all!
I have a snappy and was wondering if anyone knows how I can get it to
work out of X-Windows. I prefer an RPM (newbie;-) but with wrassle with
anything thrown my way.


1. Snappy video grabber w/linux?

Anyone know if a Snappy video grabber will work with linux?  The docs
say it is TWAIN-compliant so it can emulate a scanner, does this
mean anything to linux?  The thing plugs into the pc's parallel port,
if anyone's gotten this thing to work with linux, I'd appreciate the
input. Thanks.

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