Libc-4.4.1 -> forced net-src recompile?

Libc-4.4.1 -> forced net-src recompile?

Post by Bob Mye » Tue, 20 Jul 1993 21:19:00

Since I just caught a glimse of a posting about this, I'd like to get a little
more information.

I too have run into the situation where I can't issue loopback connects, and
I get messages from my system telling me it can't find named.hosts, named.local,
and named.rev files.  Do I now have to go into the net-src area and
recompile all of the files to use the latest libraries?

Likewise, do I have to move any other files around?



1. libc-4.4.1 problems

OK, so i followed all of the release notes. I put in tools 2.7.5. I got
gcc 2.4.3, and i tried to compile linux .99.10, but xtract keeps getting
SEGV's. Then ld started getting the same. After some GDB'ing, i found that
things were dying in the __do_fixups of __load.c at line 362. The
xpnt->list is a NULL pointer. Now unfortunately i was not swift enough to
save *all* of my old libraries, as i assumed this update would work.

Does someone understand why this is happening, and do i have to go all the
way back?

Please e-mail response, for who can be bothered with this group any more?
(i.e. other than the people who hopefully read this message :I)


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