Shoelace reboots my machine.

Shoelace reboots my machine.

Post by Ed Saff » Sun, 19 Jul 1992 06:27:19

I just thought I'd mention this in case anyone else has had the problem
and can help me solve it.  I put the shoelace bootup on a floppy disk and
it reboots my machine after it gets the number of the partition to boot
from.  I don't really need to do this, so it isn't something that someone
should dedicate time towards fixing if nobody else has this particular
problem.  My machine is a 386dx-25MHz with SVGA, 1.2M A: drive, 1.44M B:
drive, and a 42M IDE harddisk.

Just kind of curious on this one.


1. 'reboot' sometimes reboots my machine!!


'reboot' _sometimes_ causes my machine to reboot! Note emphasis on
"sometimes."  The rest of the time, it just hangs ("system halted").
This random behaviour is consistently random for reboot, shutdown, and
halt. 'reboot -q' is also just as random.  

Config info: Linux 0.99 pl10+ (MCC Interim Distribution), 386 SX/16
with 2meg RAM, 40meg IDE, and 1989 AMI BIOS.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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