New 'interim' release of Linux

New 'interim' release of Linux

Post by A. V. Le Bla » Fri, 17 Apr 1992 22:23:28

I am pleased to be able to announce, only a week after the last
release, a new 'interim' version of Linux.  The kernel supplied with
this version is 0.95c+, including line printer support, and the four
disks supply binaries for just about everything, including the C and
C++ compilers.  I was unable to include Kermit or any of the big
packages (TeX, emacs, etc.), but just about everything else should be
there, I hope.

In addition to upgrading from 0.95c to 0.95c+, I have managed, I think,
to fix the bugs in make, which has now been used to recompile everything
else (including bash) without problems.  I have dropped encrypt, now that
passwd is available, and I have added encode, decode, and su.  Encode
and decode do UU- XX- and atob encoding and decoding.  I have not
included the new chsh program, which does not work quite as I would
wish, though the same thing could be said of su; I thought su was just
too useful to omit.  I am also including binaries for installing shoelace,
as well as a new version of bash, this time with job control, which just
won't work properly on my installation disk.

The software fits on four floppies.  As before there are two versions
of the first two floppies (for UK and US keyboards).  The file sizes
          boot-UK.Z       368827
          boot-US.Z       368799
          util-UK.Z      1123877
          util-US.Z      1126306
          comp.image     1228800
          comp2.image    1218560

I have not compressed the comp images because the compressed versions
are bigger than the uncompressed, as happens frequently with images
which contain compressed material.

Many thanks to all who helped out with comments on the last version
and on its (limited) documentation.  Now maybe I'll have a chance
to improve the documentation (what little there is) and get the
diffs out.

Files are available by anonymous ftp from (and from
its mirror at in /pub/linux/mcc-interim/0.95c+/images,
and the five README files in the directory /pub/linux/mcc-interim/0.95c+.
For those who lack rawrite.exe or (un)compress.exe for DOS, they are
available in /pub/linux/mcc-interim/dos-utils.

A more detailed description of this version follows shortly.

     -- Owen