Suggestion need for Linux partition! Please help!

Suggestion need for Linux partition! Please help!

Post by Ale » Sun, 18 Jul 1993 12:42:06

Hi there,

I am planning to install linux on my PC, which has 2 harddisks, one
120MB and the other 450MB.  My original intention is to have the 120MB
harddisk use for linux.  But after reading the Linux FAQ and some
documents on Xfree, I wonder if 120MB is enough.

I want to have full installation of the SLS package, and I need
to compile X programs.  If over 90MB is already used for the full
SLS, 10MB for swap partition, I will have less than 10MB of disk space
left for further expansion.

Do I need to reserve a large amount of disk space if I am going to
write some serious programs on X?  The problem is that my original
450MB HD has been partitioned for DOS, one 200MB (for stacker) and
250MB and I do not want to move the files from these two partitions.
Also, 120MB HD is the boot drive.

Please give me advice on what I should do.  Should I move the files
in the 200MB partition to the 120MB and use 200MB for linux?  Or just
go ahead to use 120MB for linux?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

* Alex *

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