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Does anyone know of any good Undelete utility for Linux?

I deleted my whole working directory with
rm *

(all hpp and cpp files)




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> Does anyone know of any good Undelete utility for Linux?


Ole Hansen


1. undelete on ext2fs | recover vs. undelete vs. debugfs

Hi all,
48 hours ago I didn't know a thing about undeleting on extfs at all.

As u can imagine: something really bad happened, unfortunately while doing the
backup job.
The hdd/filesystem my /home was on seemed to be very unstable, so I decided to
make a backup,
format etc... and copy the backup back to /home.

Unfortunately the box crashed while backing up - resulting in a non existing
backup and an *empty* partition.
(I think the fs was corrupted and e2fsck did its job...)
I unmounted as soon as possible and a lot of data still seems to be there.

OK, some facts:
I used lsdel within debugfs of the ext2utils to find out that there is lots of
stuff that might be recoverable.
My Prob: I lost about 10GB of data within approx. 27.000 files.
Doing this job manually would take ages.

I read a lot of webpages and post in groups like this find out that there's
three tools worth giving them a try:
undelete from http://recover.sourceforge.net/linux/
recover from http://www1.lunetix.de/download/
midnight commander
(all using e2fsprogs)

Recover is perfect for finding and recovering files by their characteristics.
You can filter out a single file or hundreds, no matter.
Problem: it doesn't recover the original name of the file and testing dozends
of file extensions with ~30.000 files might take time...

Midnight commander shows a list of all inodes and recovers selected files.
Problem: same as using recover

Undelete is different but good as well. It shows all recoverable files, their
names and characteristics in a list. The user might now choose ONE file to
restore from the list. It's restored with its proper name and all.
Problem: restore one file, and the next one, and the next one.... you see -
takes ages again.

Question: Is there a tool for automated file recovery that:
1) Lets me specify files to recover by characteristics (size, uid...)
2) Recovers the filename or at least the extension properly ?

Another question is:
Is there any way to recover the directory structure?

Last and least question to people who know a bit about ext2:
What would happen if I just unset all deleted flags, set the count to 1 etc.?
I'm quite sure that no inode was reused since what ever happened.

ThX for your time.
Maybe someone knows the answer - I would be glad to get helpful replies.

P.S. Sorry for my non-perfect english ;-)

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