ANNOUNCE: Slackware Linux 1.00

ANNOUNCE: Slackware Linux 1.00

Post by Patrick J. Volkerdi » Sun, 18 Jul 1993 09:16:36

The Slackware Linux distribution (v. 1.00) is now available for
anonymous FTP. This is a complete installation system designed for
systems with a 3.5" boot floppy. It has been tested extensively with
a 386/IDE system. The standard kernel included does not support SCSI,
but if there's a great demand, I might be persuaded to compile a few
custom kernels to put up for FTP.

This release is based largely on the SLS system, but has been enhanced and
modified substantially. There are two main disk series, A (13 disks) and
X (11 disks). Some of the features:  

Series A:
  About what you'd expect from SLS series A, B, and C. Plus:
  Source for the Linux DOS emulator version 0.49.
  The FAQ for kernel level 99pl10.
  Kernel source and image at .99pl11 Alpha.
    [compiled with these options: math emulation support, normal hard drive
    support, TCP/IP, System V IPC, -m486, minix fs, ext2 fs, msdos fs, nfs,
    proc support, and PS/2 style mouse support. You may need to recompile if
    you have some other type of busmouse. The kernel was compiled with libc
    4.4.1, g++ 2.4.5]
  The new keytable utilities.
  The NET-2 networking package, preconfigured to use loopback.
  A public domain version of ksh, and tcsh 6.04 (with the bugs worked out)
  GNU gcc, g++, and Objective-C at versions 2.4.5
  Includes and libraries at version 4.4.1
  mailx, quota utilities, experimental winapi source, sound drivers.
  The TCL toolkit and samples.

  In addition, the installation program has been improved to offer more
  information about the packages (and the installation procedure itself)
  as you install.

  The install program can also automatically install LILO, configuring it
  to boot either from your master boot record or from OS/2's Boot Manager.

Series X:
  Also, all the packages you would get in the SLS X series, plus:
  XFree-86 version 1.3.
  Open Look Virtual Window Manager made the default window manager.
  XS3 server offers support for S3 based video cards.
  XV 3.00 Image viewer is included.
  PEX files from the XFree-86 distribution are included.

Although TEX support is not included in the Slackware release, the you may
install the SLS T series from the install program.

At this point, the install disk itself is running .99pl8. I'm working on it :^)
Also, installation from other than a 3.5" floppy has not been tested, but might
work. 5.25" floppy will not work because of file sizes. At this point, I have
no plans to support a 5.25" version.

How to get the Slackware(tm) release:

The Slackware release may be obtained be anonymous FTP from in directory /pub/linux/slackware. At least initially,
this release will be in the form of 3.5" disk images which should be copied
to floppies using the RAWRITE.EXE program, or dd under Linux.

Please note that our FTP software does not support limiting the number of
concurrent anonymous logins. PLEASE try to go easy on this machine. If things
get out of hand, access may be restricted.

Other sites are, of course, welcome to help out with the load by mirroring
the distribution.

If you find any problems with the distribution, or if you have any suggestions
for improvements, please let me know. If you know of more up-to-date versions
of software in the distribution, I'd like to hear about that, too.

Patrick Volkerding


ANNOUNCE: Slackware Linux 1.00

Post by Marko Niinim{ » Tue, 20 Jul 1993 14:36:49

I'm happy to hear about the new release, because I've had much difficulty
putting NET-2 on SLS. However, I'd like to know if anyone is currently
using Slackware with WD8003 and if there were any difficulties setting
it up. I quess the configuration for the card goes much the same way
as with normal NET-2-packages.


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