problems with TERM109 (detailed description)

problems with TERM109 (detailed description)

Post by Keith Smi » Sat, 17 Apr 1993 11:27:27

G'day all,
  I've been running Linux (I'm pretty sure that's right).99P6
for a few days now, and have been having a ball.

The fun stopped, though when trying to use
TERM.  I'll do my best to give you a run down on the details of what
happens when I try to use it, hopefully someone will be able to
point me in the right direction.

First off, I HAVE read the docs that come with the source code for
TERM109, which I obtained from  They are
quite comprehensive and come with a README that gives a step by step
description of how to get it up and running.

Here's the system I'm using (I don't think it's too relevant,
but I should say in case someone spots a prob with it):
  486-33 215K cache
  8meg ram
  80 Meg Western Digital (IDE) running DOS only
  250 Meg Maxtor (IDE):
     hdb1     150Meg     DOS
     hdb2     65 Meg     Linux mounted as /
     hdb3     32 Meg     Linux (roughly 32 meg, anyways), not mounted
     hdb4     8  Meg     Linux SWAP

I'm running a standard Hayes 2400 baud modem to a DEC station. The modem
does not have MNP4 or 5 (error correction or compression). I don't mean
to over simplify things, guys, but I don't want to skip anything.

I'm booting a Linux image from a 5.25" A drive, using the disk that
the SLS install disks make after they put the A series on the hard drive.

I am logged on tty1 as ROOT.

I use XC -l /dev/modem  (/dev/modem is a link to /dev/ttyS0), and have
no problems logging in at 2400 baud.

OK from here on, REMOTE system refers to the INTERNET machine
                 LOCAL system refers to MY machine at home.

The REMOTE system has no TERMDIR set, and therefore refers to ~/.term
to find the termrc file.  The REMOTE system is running CSH, though I've
been told the shell shouldn't make a difference.

The LOCAL system has TERMDIR set to /tmp, and therefore refers to
~/tmp/.term for it's termrc file.  The LOCAL system is running TCSH.

The contents of the TERMRC file on both machines are identical and
are as follows:

escape 17
escape 19
escape 147
escape 149

I have also tried it with other ESCAPE clauses (including two that
escaped 25% of the character set, as suggested in the term/README).
I know that I can run linecheck to see what characters need to be
escaped, but this TERMRC has worked for people who live close by
to me. Btw, line noise is very low on my exchange, ie. have never
seen bad characters on the screen (apart from when someone picks
up the phone :) )

I run TERM on the REMOTE machine, and return to the XC command prompt.

I enter "$ term -d64" which runs another TCSH shell with stdin and stdout
set to /dev/modem by default.  Alternatively, I can exit XC completely
and type "TERM -d64 < /dev/modem > /dev/modem. Both options give the
same results.

OK, to my knowledge I've done everything right so far.

I run another ROOT login on tty2, and type "TRSH"

The modem TX and RX lights flash a couple of times, then the machine

I look at tty1 where TERM is running locally, and I see that a few
bytes have gone back and forth between the REMOTE and the LOCAL machine,
but tty2 is just sitting there with nothing happening.

As a test, I decided to see if I could use TUPLOAD, and I can, it works
fine.  I can login as ROOT on 5 consoles and run FIVE TUPLOAD sessions,
swap back to TTY1 to check the DEBUG output from the LOCAL TERM, and
see it furiously sending packets back and forth to the 5 local clients.

So how come I can use TUPLOAD but not TRSH?  Could someone PLEASE let me
know what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks for your time, hope I provided enough detail to let you know
the situation.