killing idle users that don't seem to be idle

killing idle users that don't seem to be idle

Post by Marc G. Fourni » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 08:13:19

Help :)

        I'm looking for something that can intelligently
kill users who are idle, even though they they don't seem

        The problem is that we are running a multi-user,
multi-platform system, with a Unixware server/gateway
and two Linux boxes, one acting as a shell system and the
other as an NNTP news server.  The Unixware server is
acting as the 'accountant' and 'timer', but when the server
decides 'hey, you are outta time', and nukes the user,
I get 'dead' processes under the Linux machine.  I tried
'idleout', but some of those processs are users running
things like 'irc' that the system doesn't recognize being
idle :(  Or at least it doesn't seem to :(

        Can anyone suggest something that might be of
aid under Linux?  Or is idleout the best that is out there
and I'm just configuring it wrong?



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I also want to be sure to kill all its parent/sub processes.

At present I am using 'w' to identify the process, and then 'ps -ef | grep
pts/n' where pts/n is the tty line, to get the pid. Then I kill them all.

Is there a much nicer way to do this, either with a 'system' type command or
with a neat script I can cron every night?


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