SUPPORTED tape drives?

SUPPORTED tape drives?

Post by Steve Full » Wed, 07 Jul 1993 13:34:21

Since my life has taken an unexpected turn (new job), I'm going
to be purchasing a tape drive for my Linux system Real Soon Now
(tm). I would like to know what tape drives are supported under
Linux. Ideally, QIC-80 would be, but I know that the drivers are
not currently ready. Tape formats supported or even specific
drives would be appreciated. Any drive (DAT to quarter-inch) is a
serious consideration right now....


and thanks to Linus and all the other people that have made it a
joy to get rid of Windows and DOS :)

Steve Fuller         =



1. Supported tape drives?

According to the tape(HW) man page, there are various tape drive types
supported in OpenServer.  I'm looking for a solution cheaper than
a SCSI tape drive.

Can someone tell me model numbers of currently shipping tape drives
that are supported by the ft or ct devices?  I see lots of inexpensive
tape drives around (such as the Iomega ditto drives) that claim to
support QIC-80 (and the ft driver claims to support QIC-80), but the
Iomega drives (at least the external ones) use the parallel port and
not the floppy port.  Does the internal Iomega drive work with ft?
How about HP Colorado T1000 or T3000 drives?

Or should I give up and spring for a SCSI tape drive like the HP
Colorado T4000s?


                --James Dempsey--

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