Serial console Vs telnet console

Serial console Vs telnet console

Post by Chai » Sun, 16 Sep 2001 06:50:46

I have a linux machine on which I can get on either from serial
console or telnet. From the console how can I tell if it is serial
console or telnet (using Shell level or tty numbers etc).
Basically once I login, depending on what console it is I want to
start different applications. Is there a way to do it??

Thanks in advance


1. serial console & real console


 I enabled serial console support..Now my real console (one attached
directly to the VGA port) is not showing any messages starting from
"freed kernel memory " to "login".  

I think iam getting all kernel messages but all the rc.d and inittab
messages are lost.

But I get all msgs on serial console.

any idea?


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