Setting up a dual-boot system with Windows XP

Setting up a dual-boot system with Windows XP

Post by Mark Sandfo » Tue, 16 Apr 2002 17:54:39

I recently got a laptop which came with Windows XP pre-installed.  I
want to install Linux without losing Windows, but unlike the time I
set up a dual-boot with Win 98 XP's file system seems to have taken
over my hard disk, and no partitioning tools will let me repartition.
The laptop did not come with Windows setup disks, only restore disks,
so I'd rather not format the hard drive.

Any clues?


1. Dual boot Debian and XP "boot failure" using XP boot loader

I've installed debian on 4 logical (at least that's what i've told
cfdisk to do) partitions (should be sda9 to sda12 ??; my HW config is
120GB hd on promise uata controller, dvd on ide0 master [so for linux:
hda], cd-rw on ide1 master [so hdc]) and created a boot floppy from
which i've extracted the bootsector and placed it on my fat16 boot
partition (sda0 ?? [will Linux see my promise ata as scsi??]). Then
i've added the line c:\bootsect.lnx="Debian Linux" to XPs boot.ini.

Now i get the message "boot failure" when i select Linux from the XP
boot menu.
I guess the Linux boot loader is looking for the boot image (vmlinuz
Where is it? Or better, how can i tell this to 'bootsect.lnx' ;-)

Booting from my rescue floppy still works fine, also booting XP!



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