New MGR release 0.5 with HGC, VGA and SUN support

New MGR release 0.5 with HGC, VGA and SUN support

Post by Michael Haar » Wed, 28 Oct 1992 20:35:52

I just uploaded MGR 0.5 to the Cologne archive, which is mirrored by each night.

So, people from Europe can get it from[]
pub/linux/mgr or [] pub/thp/linux/mgr, if you can't reach the
first site in Europe.

People in USA please use ~ftp/pub/linux/packages/MGR

The version number shows it: After a few 0.4 versions, a major step is
done: MGR now runs on Linux using hercules cards, vga and on Sun
workstations (all monochrome).  Serial microsoft and mousesystems mice
are supported.  MGR runs much more stable than before.  Configuration is
easy.  A few more clients (e.g. mgrload) work now.

For those who don't know MGR: It is a transparent window system with
integrated window manager, written by Stephen Uhler, Bellcore.  It is
*small and beautiful*, programming clients is easy.  It is totally
unrelated to X.  There is a MGR dvi view program and there are (not yet
ported) clients to run multiple programs in windows over one serial
line.  The MGR bitblit libraries provide a simple way to program
portable lowlevel grafics.