Long Island USA Linux job opening

Long Island USA Linux job opening

Post by Lawrence Foa » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 14:42:22

Killy Corporation needs someone to do installations of their Linux based
medical archival systems on Long Island.  The job starts immediately


 Ability to configure PC hardware, and Linux.
  Serial port IRQs, X windows setup, etc.
 Experience with simple cable construction, crimp on connectors,
  soldering etc.
 Own transportation.
 Willingness to work odd hours (most installation work needs to be
  done at night while facilities are shut down).

Please e-mail resume or any questions.

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1. Job opening, Linux, Long Island,digital EE

Long Island, Computer Interfacing, Linux/Unix (tm)

An individual on or willing to relocate to Long Island needed to
assist in the development of hardware and software interfaces
to MRI and CT equipment.

We are looking for someone with digital electronics and
computer interface experience. Preferably with the PC (ISA)

The candidate should also have Unix (tm), or preferably Linux
experience. The drivers for the hardware will require some combination
of user level code (Linux allows memory+port access from user programs),
as well as enhancements to the Linux kernel (under the terms of the
GNU license).

The job will frequently require odd hours since testing and
debugging must be done at times that will not interfere with the
operation of the CT/MRI facility.

Please state salary requirements.

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