Help, Future Domain SCSI TMC-850 NOT WORK!

Help, Future Domain SCSI TMC-850 NOT WORK!

Post by sl.. » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 08:38:02

Hi, there,

My friend installed the Linux 0.99 recently. He got the whole SLS package from
tsx-11 and installed about 1 weeks ago. But he has the problem on the SCSI
cd-rom. When he started the machine, Linux told him "0 host, 0 scsi, 0cd-rom"

I guess the problem is the interface. The interface is Future Domain TMC-850
(8 BIT) card. I once had read about to change the seagate.c in line about
548-550 to ...=...|80;. And I rebuild the kernel, but it still not work.

Any suggestion is appreciated, any idea?


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  I am new to LInux, but I have been doing quite a bit of research before
trying to install Linux.  I seem to be having a problem getting my SCSI
Chinon CD-ROM and Future Domain TMC-850MER SCSI COntroller recognized by
Linux.  The TMC-850 is supported by Linux, but Linux won't find it using
autoprobe unless the controller has a BIOS on-board, which mine does

Well, following the SCSI_howto and CDROM_HOWTO, I issued a "ramdisk
tmc850=0xca00h,5" command at the boot prompt before loading the root
floppy.  Then, after loading the root floppy, the information on the
screen flies by so quickly that I can't see what Linux says regarding the
SCSI devices.  Sometimes I can catch a glimpse and I think it says
SCSI=0.  This makes sense because when I continue with the setup for the
Slackware installation on CD by InfoMagic and select the source of the
software as CD-ROM, the setup utility cannot find the CD-ROM!  

I have a funny feeling that the trouble I am experienceing is not that
difficult to remedy, I just have the experience with Linux to solve the
problem myself.  So please, I would greatly appreciate any help on this

Thanks a bunch,

Brian Locascio

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