how do I get /dev/ttyS2 to offer a login: prompt

how do I get /dev/ttyS2 to offer a login: prompt

Post by Ian A. Verschur » Thu, 08 Jul 1993 13:31:04

        I've been trying to understand how to use my modem. After reading lots
of stuff about how to set-up the line, i dialed in and unfortunately after i
recieved the CONNECT 2400 line nothing else happened. I don't have anyone else
to ask so i figure my faith lies with the users of the internet  ( :) at least
for this subject 8-} )
if any one knows how to help please send mail to

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1. Getting from the ok prompt to the OS login prompt?

Greetings all...

I installed Solaris 9 on a Sun Fire V100 (I connected to the box from
a Windows laptop running HyperTerminal as described in the box's
documentation)... The installation went perfectly, and when I was
done, I logged into the box (from HyperTerminal), poked around a bit
to make sure that everything was OK, then logged out (by typing

At this point, I was at the OS's login prompt. I then shut down
HyperTerminal, and without ever disconnecting the laptop from the LOM
port, I immediately fired HyperTerminal back up, at which point I got
an "ok" prompt.

I haven't been able to find any information about getting from the ok
prompt back to the OS's login prompt. Here's what I've found so far:

- I spoke to a Solaris administrator who said that if I'm getting the
ok prompt, the machine is not in a "booted" state.
- I found some information on the mailing list archives that I've
looked through so far regarding the fact that the machine might be in
suspend mode. A couple of things with regard to this:
    - During the installation process, I was never asked whether or
not I wanted to enable suspend mode on the machine if it was not used
for 30 minutes. Is this bad? Should I have seen this?
    - I closed HyperTerminal and started it back up immediately, so
unless the box detected that the terminal session had ended and
immediately put itself in suspend mode, suspend mode cannot be the
cause of the problem.
- I found information about getting back to the OS prompt from the lom
prompt (by typing "console"). Is there an ok prompt equivalent? The
administrator I talked to suggested trying "go". However, this still
sounded like a way of coming out of suspend mode.

I haven't found anything that sounds like the right answer in the
box's documentation... Any help, suggestions, pointers to the
appropriate information would be greatly appreciated...


Dave Bruzzone

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