Pt 2/2: File system issues!

Pt 2/2: File system issues!

Post by Rob Lev » Sun, 12 Jul 1992 01:58:48

 DE> Reliability :

 DE> If you must have reliability, use a UPS, but don't s*the
 DE> cache.

I agree.  But, Linux runs on some fairly inexpensive hardware.  Should
people have to go out and buy a UPS in order to gain reliability?  What
I'm suggesting is, let them *disable* the cache, *dynamically*, to get
that reliability, assuming they cannot afford to put in a UPS (which
could be possible for several reasons, only one of them cost).

If we put in a kernel call to allow the cache to be disabled or
re-enabled, all the issues are addressed without penalizing anyone

Rob L.

 * Origin: Via the Annex in Victoria, TX (1:3802/217)


1. Pt 2/2: File system issues! (really long, sigh)


 DEQ> God, you don't know what you are talking about.  In a
 DEQ> operating system users need data lots of times.  Examples of
 DEQ> read data: /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /bin/sh, /bin, /usr/bin,
 DEQ> /usr/include, lots and lots of other directories and dozens of
 DEQ> files.  Also, does anyone else get the idea that Othman doesn't
 DEQ> understand how the superblock and inodes figure into the Unix FS?

Not to mention the fact that, *unfortunately*, in the real world, some
people write programs, and shell scripts, that repetitively access the
same small files rather than reading data explicitly into memory.  Not
very efficient, conceptually.  Of course, if you're using caching, only
one pass on the actual disk file is generally required.  

Rob L.

 * Origin: Via the Annex in Victoria, TX (1:3802/217)

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