3COM 3C509 Ethernet adapter support?

3COM 3C509 Ethernet adapter support?

Post by Geoff Dav » Sun, 18 Jul 1993 05:00:59

I see that the 3COM 3C503 board is supported from the FAQ -- has anybody
had any success with the 3C509?

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I am writing to ask if anyone has successfully set up FreeBSD with
any of the 3COM 3C90x Ethernet adapters, or has reason to believe that
they might work under FreeBSD.  The following are the 3COM cards for
which the FreeBSD Handbook makes explicit mention of compatibility:

     3Com 3C501 cards
     3Com 3C503 Etherlink II
     3Com 3c505 Etherlink/+
     3Com 3C507 Etherlink 16/TP
     3Com 3C509, 3C579, 3C589 (PCMCIA) Etherlink III
     3Com 3C590, 3C595 Etherlink III

I understand that sometimes hardware which is not explicitly listed in
the hardware compatibility guide still adheres to the protocols of other
devices which are supported.  The machine I am considering for an
is my workstation, and I don't want to bother if the ethernet card is
not supported.

Does anyone have any feelings on this issue?



Jeffrey M. Metcalf
Assistant Computer Systems Support Engineer
United Technologies Research Center

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