Question on Imake

Question on Imake

Post by Tan Pong He » Sun, 28 Feb 1993 12:10:07

I have a question to those compiling X-windows packages.  Recently, I
tried to installed cxterm on Linux/XFree86, and ran into a lot of
problem with the Imake.  Basically, the UsrLibDir, UsrIncludeDir and
other directories relative to the X ProjectRoot are expanded incorrectly -
with an extra space after the '/usr/X386 '.  So, my question is why so?
Is there any easy fix for this, or do I have to edit all the Makefiles
generated from the Imakefiles to correctly this?

I have traced the problem down to the cpp of gcc - and it seems to happen
in all port of gcc, there is always an extra space after the macro expansion.
In fact, you can try the following code segment - and see if you get what
you expected.

#define P abc
#define Q def
#define Concat(a,b) a##b
#define test Concat(P,Q)

Well, I expect to get 'abcdef' if I pass this to cpp, but I got 'PQ' instead.
And, I am sure if you some how got it to expand P and Q you will get 'abc def'
still not 'abcdef'.

Well, I hope somebody out there have a easy solution for this!

Tan Pong Heng


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