LILO: Version Alpha.4

LILO: Version Alpha.4

Post by Werner Almesberg » Mon, 17 Aug 1992 06:50:46

A new alpha test version of LILO can be found on in
pub/pc-stuff/Linux/Incoming as lilo.s.4.tar.Z and lilo.b.4.tar.Z

lilo.s contains source, documentation and support files.
lilo.b contains pre-compiled binaries without source, documentation
and support files. /lib/libc.2.2.2 is needed to run the pre-compiled
executable of the map installer.

(I've also deleted an older, now really obsolete versions.)

This release contains many minor improvements. The most important ones
are a configurable boot delay, a tool to determine SCSI disk parameters
and some protection against weird include file conflicts.

The beginning of the CHANGES file is at the end of this posting.

A few people have reported problems when trying to boot other operating
systems (usually MS-DOS) with LILO, while others report that everything
works. I haven't solved the problem yet, but I'd suggest to use BOOTACTV
(or any other boot switcher) as a temporary work-around, where needed.

- Werner

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Changes from version 3 to 4

  Boot sector

    - added a configurable delay.
    - added a diagnostic title message.

  Map installer

    - fixed all known include file conflicts.
    - added support for variable block sizes. (Not used yet.)
    - added some more sanity checks.
    - added a tool to determine SCSI disk parameters.

  Documentation and installation

    - extended coverage of SCSI disks.
    - make install  now backs up chain.b and boot.b of any older LILO
      installation. (To say: your system remains bootable even if you
      forget to run /etc/lilo/install after the update or if this fails
      for some reason.)
    - moved the changes section from README into CHANGES.
    - a set of pre-compiled executables of lilo, boot.b, chain.b and is available too.


1. LILO: Version Alpha.3

A new alpha test version of LILO can be found on as pub/Linux/Incoming/lilo.3.tar.Z

It works with 0.96c-pl1 and 0.96c-pl2 (and newer) kernels and doesn't
need a kernel patch anymore.

It contains some bug fixes, some minor improvements and an extensive
documentation about boot configurations. Therefore, the README may be
worth reading even if you don't want to install or update LILO.

Things that didn't make it into this release:
  - booting other operating systems from non-A: and non-C: drives
  - better SCSI support

The beginning of the README is at the end of this posting. Even if
you've already read an older LILO README, you might want to read the
"Booting basics" section.

I'm still interested to hear about success or failure to boot other
operating systems with LILO. MS-DOS 4.0 and 5.0 and DR-DOS 6.0 have
been reported to work, but I'd love to hear about different operating
systems or versions, especially OS/2.

As usual, I'm thankful for all bug reports, success stories, etc.

- Werner

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LILO  -  Generic Boot Loader for Linux ("LInux LOader") by Werner Almesberger

This is an ALPHA test release of a new boot loader. Be sure to have some
means to boot your system from a different media if you install LILO on your
hard disk.

WARNING: The formats of the boot sector and the map file have changed again.
         If you've already installed LILO on your system, you have to update
         the boot sector and create a new map file.

Changes from version 2 to 3

  Boot sector

    - can initialize BSS of unstripped kernels.
    - also accepts [Tab] to show the list of known images.

  Map installer

    - fixed parsing of the root device specification.
    - fixed setting of the root device when the boot image doesn't
      define it.
    - reduced the number of installable images from 19 to 16. (Because the
      descriptors have grown.)


    - added a booting basics section.
    - many minor changes.

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