What's the proper permission for fdformat?

What's the proper permission for fdformat?

Post by Sunando S » Thu, 08 Jul 1993 03:37:30


How can I set up the fdformat program so that I can use it without logging
in as root?  I made all the /dev/fd files owned by root/floppy with
permissions 664, and the fdformat program owned by root/floppy with
permission 2755.  Then I made myself a member of the group `floppy'.  But I
still get the dreaded `permission denied' message!  The only way I can use
fdformat as a mere mortal is by setting fdformat setuid'd root.  But what is
wrong with my procedure?  Thank you for listening to my problems.


Sunando Sen


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I am using the latest version of Syslog-NG (syslog-ng 1.6.0rc1) to do
all of my logging from the local system, all of our Cisco PIX
firewalls a Nortel Contivity and a Cisco Concentrator.

I am having the messages sent to a variety of non default files so
that I can monitor certain aspects of each device type.  I have also
created some scripts that so that I can have users check various
aspects of the log files.

The problem is this:  When I add the new file to logrotate.conf and
tell it to "create 0644", it does not do this.  Logrotate does rotate
and compress the file, but it does not create the permissions I told
it to.

The entry is as follows:
/var/log/syslog {
    create 0644 root root
    rotate 16

If I add the "create" section to a defined log file, such as "secure",
it changes the permissions correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas to help me out.  I would appreciate any
advice you can give.


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