CBREAK mode, etc.: Questions

CBREAK mode, etc.: Questions

Post by Todd Rad » Sat, 18 Apr 1992 22:03:01

Thanks to everyone who helped me get my printer set up as /dev/lp1.  Now
for some more questions:

1) Is CBREAK mode broken in the .95c+ release?  I'm trying to write some
   stuff using the curses library, and I explicitly say cbreak();, but
   I still have to press <Enter> after every key I hit.  I also tried
   compiling XBBS version 7.91, which exhibited the same symptoms.

2) How do I set up a swap *file*?  Not a separate partition, but a file.

3) Is Linux set up to be 8-bit clean?  If I set up a BBS, will 8N1 callers
   have a problem?

AdvTHANKSance to all who respond...

-- Todd
   (getting better at this Linux stuff, but still a little confused...)

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