PC + DOS Emulator Source Code for UNIX

PC + DOS Emulator Source Code for UNIX

Post by Emmett Sau » Sun, 18 Oct 1992 23:47:00


KC> |>
KC> |>   Greetings DOS-doers:
KC> |>
KC> |>   I worked on a project for over a year to develop a PC AND
KC> DOS emulator
KC> |> under unix.  This was supposed to be our "BIG" break (and it
KC> just about broke

KC> learn about
KC> |> marketing.  A lot of your potential buyers got the shakes
KC> when Microsoft
KC> |> announced their effort to bring a DOS emulator to every
KC> machine (for free?).
KC>          .
KC>          .
KC>          .
KC> |> It runs Quicken, most of WordPerfect and Microsoft word as
KC> it sits.  The
KC> |> mouse stuff still has a few problems.
KC> |>
KC> |>   The code has been sitting on the shelf for a year or so
KC> now, waiting for
KC> |> its "BIG" break.  I am posting this notice to see how many
KC> people would be
KC> |> interested in using and improving it.   Also any suggestions
KC> on how to
KC> |> support it would be appreciated (like pearl?)

Well I for one  would like to see it.... it sounds much more advanced
what we have in the DOSEMU at present.

For support, I think it could be handled much as GNU software.  I see
reason why that should not work unless of course you are asking $$$ for
the source.

I would be willing to let you use my bbs as a support board.

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