Xwindows, and serial terminal

Xwindows, and serial terminal

Post by sedg.. » Sat, 12 Jun 1993 05:21:25

Hello - I know I've seen the answer to these two before - but can't find them
If someone knows the answer please mail me some answers.

How to get users other than the root to login under 'xdm'?
What causes a lapse from a modem login (ie.. Get the login prompt, but never
asks for a password)?
And finally - the lilo config info for a dos 5.0 boot from hda1.

Thanks in advance - Simon.
P.S. -  What's the name of the Xfree newgroup (and is their a mailing post  
address) - S.

Simon Edgett - Pager : 640-8349



1. Xwindow on serial terminal


First of all, thanks to all that have helped me to
find and install gcc (Robert Lipe),
find and install and use gimp and graphics (Jim Robinson),
find and install and use ghostscript (Robert Lipe),
solve a lot of problems (Roberto Zini),
and all that answer to the unix newsgroup.

Now some new questions:
-- where  can I find how to configure "env" for texinfo?
--  can I start xwindow session on a terminal on serial port?
-- what about skunkware 98?

thank you in advance.


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