mcc-interim release for 0.97?

mcc-interim release for 0.97?

Post by Huan » Mon, 10 Aug 1992 22:47:45

I am very new to linux. They said that mcc-interim release of linux is the
best choice for a beginner. So I installed it. And actually I got deeply
impressed by its handy, fast, and integrated installation for linux, gcc
and many useful tools.

I enjoy mcc-interim release. And now 0.97 is out. I hope mcc-interim release
0.97 will be publicly available soon.

Thanks to those who made mcc-interim release. (Of course, thanks to those
who made Linux, too.)



1. MCC-interim release problem with login

I installed the MCC-interim .95c+ release, and
applied the listed bug fixes (/dev/tty ...), and ran
into numerous problems that were all fixed by replacing
/bin/login with a previous (.95a static) version.

The symptoms included a mangled bash environment, stty
reporting 0 rows and 0 columns, and vi defaulting to 25x80
(instead of the available 44x132).  Replacing /bin/login
fixed all of these problems.  Both the new and old bash
had the same problems with the new login, and worked fine
after login was replaced.

Did anyone else have these problems, or should I re-ftp
and try again?

dave safford

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