I installed linux...

I installed linux...

Post by Charlotte Wild » Thu, 29 Apr 1993 15:06:58

Well, I installed Linux using SLS v1.01 with XFree v1.2.

I have a 486/66 VLB system with 32 megabytes RAM and a 100MB Linux
ex2fs partition (no swap).

Bugs I have noticed (that I can recall at this time):

1) When I configured my printer (HP DJ550C) in /etc/printcap and
tried to add ":fs#020:" (translate LF to CR-LF) nothing changed...
lpr continued to send LF's only, I had to manually create a filter
using "of" that translated the LF's...

2) In my /etc/fstab file, I originally had:

/dev/hda1       /user/dosc      msdos   defaults
/dev/hdb1       /user/dosd      msdos   defaults
/dev/hdb2       /               ext2    defaults
none            /proc           proc    defaults

and I called "mount -av" in my /etc/rc file, but the two msdos
filesystems didn't get mounted... the problem fixed itself when
I edited my /etc/fstab and rearranged it so that /dev/hda1 and
/dev/hdb1 were defined AFTER /dev/hdb2... odd


1) How do I set up my modem to accept incomming calls into the system?
        Does Linux support high baud rate modems? (ie: DTE rates of
        57600 bps and RTS/CTS flow control)

Experiences with X:

I have a Diamond Stealth VLB SVGA card with 1 meg on board.  The
X386 server for Xfree didn't work (as expected), I tried getting
the XS3 0.4.4 server and that worked at 640x480 (mode 25) but
the screen wasn't getting refreshed correctly.  I finally resorted to
using the X386mono server at 640x480 which works fine, but not very
pretty :(.

Hmm... nothing else I can think of at this moment, but I got to admit
that the system is pretty nice.


1. RedHat FTP Install: Need Linux to install Linux?

I've read up on RedHat, and it sounds like a good distribution.  I assumed
the FTP install meant downloading the packages via FTP on my DOS partition
and then installing Linux, similar to the way you can do it with slackware.

However, according to the manual, I actually need to have Linux already
installed to install Red Hat linux.

I don't get it.  How is someone supposed to install linux if they don't
have it already?  And if they had linux, the manual made is seem that you
cannot install to the same partition, so you basically are going to be left
with a useless partition.  I'm no expert, but that says to me that an FTP
install is unusable.

Is this just some sort of scheme to make people buy their CD's, while
claiming they are giving it away for free... while in reality they are
giving away something nearly impossible to install?  Or am I missing

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