kde 3.1b2 kmail and ldap

kde 3.1b2 kmail and ldap

Post by Fred » Thu, 24 Oct 2002 16:20:28

Hi, I've installed kde 3.1b2 on my gentoo distribution, it works well, but I
was interested in using ldap server in kmail. I added LDAP server in
config, checked the box to use it, but I can't see any "glass on a book"
icon in the toolbar to search ldap?

Any hint ??




1. LDAP Auto Completion of Addresses in Kmail

Hi all,

my greatest hope with KDE 3.1 was, that it will be possible to auto-complete
addresses in the 'to' field like it is possible with addresses in kab.
Somehow like it works with Mozilla Mail or MS Outlook.

I tried everything I was able to find. There is a control module in control
center KDE Components -> Address Book, where I've added my LDAP server, but
I haven't found out which effect this has.

I added the LDAP server in KAddressbook, but there I have to use a separate
search dialog to find addresses (for me more a dirty workaround than a real

But I can't figure out how to use LDAP for auto-completing addresses in
Kmails 'to' field although I have found some pages with google, where it is
claimed that it should work. However I haven't found a page that tells me
how to do that.

Can anybody help?

Thanks a lot.


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