prob: SCS 1.02 a1.root doesn't load RAM disk - won't boot

prob: SCS 1.02 a1.root doesn't load RAM disk - won't boot

Post by Matthew Hannig » Thu, 29 Jul 1993 21:13:56

My machine won't boot using boot disk created from the SLS 1.02
a1 disk.  It seems to be going OK until after it creates the
RAM disk.  But it doesn't load the RAM disk (the same disk works
on other PCs, so I know what to expect).  The following are
selections from the boot messages:

Memory: 13784k/16384k available (460k kernel 384 reservd 1756 data)
Ram disk: 1474560 bytes, starting at 0x1b1d00
VFS: Insert root floppy and press enter.

As you can see it does not load the RAM disk and just goes and asks
for a root floppy without any error messages.

Machine details:  DX2/66 MG brand motherboard, 16 Mb RAM, 4x4 simms,
(70 ns as far as I know -- can't open the case without voiding warranty)
maxtor 234 Mb IDE drive, vesa local bus with cirrus GD 5426 VGA chip,
AMI bios of 11 Nov 1992.

I've tried messing with CMOS setup, disabling cache, shadow ram and
other things with NO effect.  Also tried 'non-turbo mode' but I suspect
this means merely disabling the cache, not running at a lower clock speed.

I have tried the SLS 1.01 disk of a friend and get the same result.

Other oddities:
1. after asking for <return> for modes or <space>
to continue, if you hit return it does not give you a choice, but
rather just goes into 80x50 mode.

2. after running DOS6's memmaker, the floppy would not list any files.
I removed the rubbish that had been added to autoexec.bat and the floppy
worked.  Again no error messages, just NO files apparently on any floppy.

3. running the windows solitaire game occasionally results in stuffed up
card images, and then a stuffed up windows display. (this of course may
be just a windows bug)

I would be grateful for any ideas or help.  I have looked through the
FAQ and the only thing that may be applicable is the memory may be too
slow.  (But I thought I would be getting panics..)  Also I note that
some people do seem to be running 486/66's with 16mb RAM.

Thanks in advance,
        -Matt Hannigan


1. Can't login as root on SLS 1.02 root/boot disk!

 Lst night I finally got around to install Linux  on my system. Everything
was going just great until I tried to login into the SLS 1.02 root/boot
disk. I tried to login as root, and it just seemd to kick me right out.
No errors, messages. just the login intro banner and the the login prompt.

I pulled the a1.5 disk image from about 4 weeks ago.

Any suggestions????

Thanks in advance

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