NEWBIE channel on the Linux mailing list, join now!

NEWBIE channel on the Linux mailing list, join now!

Post by Jim Lyn » Sat, 29 May 1993 03:33:58

Please note that I am posting this for Karl, who is unable to post right now.
So please direct your queries/comments to him.  I probably can't help
you.  He is able to send/receive mail.

        This is to announce the creation of channel NEWBIE on the
Linux mailing lists.  The purpose of this channel is to provide a
place where no question is too stupid to ask.  No one will ever be
flamed on the newbie channel for asking a FAQ, or for asking questions
that are really about X Windows (or GCC, or TeX, or whatever) and not
about Linux.  ANY question is okay on the newbie channel!  Hopefully
some experienced Linuxers will subscribe to it as well. I promise to
stay subscribed as long the number of messages remains under 50 per
day; after that, I may have second thoughts... :-)

        To join this new list, send mail to

message (or put it in the headers):

X-Mn-Admin: join newbie

        Then, later, if you need to post something to the NEWBIE
channel, send mail to the same address, but with this as the first
line (or in a header):

X-Mn-Key: newbie

        Notice the difference between "X-Mn-Admin" and "X-Mn-Key" -- a
lot of times people substitute "Key" for "Admin" and everyone on the
mailing list ends up reading someone's administrative request.

        That's all.  I'm looking forward to reading a lot of questions
that people were too afraid to ask on the NORMAL channel -- and I hope
that the NEWBIE channel can cut down on some of the more basic (and
often only marginally Linux-specific) questions on NORMAL.

-karl fogel

End of announcement.

Just say no to flames.

Jim *, Sales Analyst,  Cray Research, Inc. / ARS: K4GVO

Suite 270, 200 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269


NEWBIE channel on the Linux mailing list, join now!

Post by Juha Virtan » Sun, 30 May 1993 02:33:20

Argh! Administrative mail should be sent to


   message (or put it in the headers):

   X-Mn-Admin: join newbie

Yes. This line should appear as one of the header lines or as the
first line of the message body.

           Then, later, if you need to post something to the NEWBIE
   channel, send mail to the same address, but with this as the first
   line (or in a header):

   X-Mn-Key: newbie

Mail to mailing list should be addressed to

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1. (Re-announcement): NEWBIE channel on mailing lists...

        (This is essentially a repeat announcement of an earlier post.
I put it here because I figure the people who really need to see it
may not be reading comp.os.linux.announce.)

        There is now a channel on the mailing lists specifically for
new Linux users (either just new to Linux or new to Unix in general).
This channel is meant to be a forum where *no* question is too stupid,
and no one will ever be flamed for asking "inappropriate" questions.
It seems to have been pretty successful so far:  I've seen quite a few
questions get answered on the NEWBIE channel when they might have been
considered too basic or not Linux-specific enough for the NORMAL

        If you are a newcomer to Linux, or an experienced user who
wants to help out, please join the NEWBIE channel by sending mail to

the very *first* line of your message body:

X-Mn-Admin: join NEWBIE

        That's all.  I hope some people find it useful!


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