false reports

false reports

Post by Yousuf Kh » Sun, 02 May 1993 04:30:37

I just installed the SLS 1.01 (Linux 0.99.8) on my home machine. It seems
to work fine, except I think I've detected a bug in one of the detection
routines. It's the routine that detects the presense of ethernet cards.
Namely it reports that it has detected an ethernet card when there isn't
an ethernet card within a parsec of my machine -- it's a standalone.
I don't remember which ethernet chipset it detected, it was an WD8***
something or another, so whoever wrote that routine might want to
have a look at it again.

Also is there anyway to stop that search for SCSI devices during
bootup? I don't have any SCSI devices on my machine, and plan
to never get one, so that search for SCSI is just a big waste
of time for me. I attempted to disable the SCSI search by recompiling
the kernel, but that was back in 0.99.6, and for some reason it still
went through the SCSI search. I haven't attempted to recompile the
0.99.8 kernel yet, since it's working so well otherwise. But would
it be worthwhile recompiling just to get rid of that SCSI search?

                                                Yousuf Khan


false reports

Post by Dane Jasp » Tue, 04 May 1993 23:59:46

Take a look in your /etc/rc and rc.local - get rid of the scsi stuff.
Ignore the WD card detect, it's harmless.



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