1. QQ: How to change link to '/dev/modem'?

I'm a little new to the unix world (but I like it), so this is
probably a ridiculously simple question.

One of the first things I did when I got Linux (v.0.00pl15) installed
was to use a null modem to connect to another on-premise PC.
Following some instructions somewhere, I linked '/dev/cua0' and
'/dev/modem'.  It worked great.  I was a very cheery joe.  Now, I've
just added a new modem on which I want to use 'seyon'.  'Seyon' seems
to want '/dev/modem' to be linked to my actual modem.  

Problem (probably with a simple answer): how do I unlink '/dev/modem'
from '/dev/cua0' (currently serving the null modem) and then link it
to '/dev/cua1' (or is it '/dev/ttyS1') for the "non-null, i.e.,
actual-IC-card modem?

One other consideration: I recently read some authoritative-sounding
explanation for not creating the '/dev/modem' to '/dev/cua1' link,
something to do with screwing up dialins.  But it seems seyon wants
it.  Shouldn't I just do what seyon wants?  Or is there another,
better option, one which wouldn't foul the possibility of my getting
call-ins (something I'm probably going to want to do sometime lter)?

Thanks much for the help,

Ken Fisler

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