Installing Linux

Installing Linux

Post by Colin L » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 14:42:36

I was wondering if anyone could help me learn a little more about Linux...

I'd like to run it on my system separately from MSDOS, to be able to run
X-Windows, do regular Unix stuff, and to be able to call a Unix system and run
X-Windows from here...

What file(s) would I need?

Thanks in advance...

By the way, just what is a KERNEL?


1. RedHat FTP Install: Need Linux to install Linux?

I've read up on RedHat, and it sounds like a good distribution.  I assumed
the FTP install meant downloading the packages via FTP on my DOS partition
and then installing Linux, similar to the way you can do it with slackware.

However, according to the manual, I actually need to have Linux already
installed to install Red Hat linux.

I don't get it.  How is someone supposed to install linux if they don't
have it already?  And if they had linux, the manual made is seem that you
cannot install to the same partition, so you basically are going to be left
with a useless partition.  I'm no expert, but that says to me that an FTP
install is unusable.

Is this just some sort of scheme to make people buy their CD's, while
claiming they are giving it away for free... while in reality they are
giving away something nearly impossible to install?  Or am I missing

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