096c-patch1 bug (?)

096c-patch1 bug (?)

Post by Vince Skah » Wed, 15 Jul 1992 14:43:14

first, thanks Linus for patch1...now I can get this-here-junk
VGA card into 80x50 mode...

But I've noticed a couple wierdnesses...
        - when I first booted the pl1 kernel, I selected '0' fro
                80x25 mode and everything hung totally.  I waited
                for a sync and hit TheBigGrayButton (:-))

        - the next time up, I tried 80x50 and it looked fine.

        - for grins, I went back to 80x25 via a reboot
                (sync and hit-the-button) and it came up
                ok, but eventually the consoles hung again totally,
                requiring a sync and reboot

Is this a known problem in the 096c-pl1 kernel?

Also, I noticed very wierd things with the 096c consoles in vi
that didn't occur in 095a+ or various 096b versions...basically
the consoles get wierd to the point of cr/lf not doing the lf.
A stty sane fixes it temporarily, but eventually even the getty
window gets wierd.

It seemed that I could create this one at will by using 'more'
on a more-than-one-screen file.

Again, I'm at 096c mcc-interim...



1. C-news on 096c/gcc2.2.2 seems to work...

Please read the release notes of gcc 2.2.2. As I said, I had tried to
fix all the known bugs. Gcc 2.2.2 has passed all the tests I got. I was
told it failed one test in dbz. But again, I didn't run it. NOT ALL THE
TEST CODES ARE CORRECT. You have to read them and try to understand
what they are trying to do. Sometimes those so-called test codes are
wrong, which is called `BUG' in softwares.

One rule is DON'T MIX stdio with underlying system calls unless you
are 1000000% sure what you are doing. That happened to `imake' in X11.
It worked under the OS's they have tested, but failed under Linux, due
to this `stupid' bug.

gcc/libc maintainer for Linux

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