Look what I found on CompTIA's site

Look what I found on CompTIA's site

Post by Chri » Sat, 26 Aug 2000 13:09:03

Cool, the more Linux certification programs the better...

Incidently I'm cross-posting to comp.os.linux as this will probably be of
interest to the c.o.l. crowd.


> I don't know how many seen this on compTIA's , but it is on the Linux+
> on the IT Pro start page. Here is a link  maxz1

> http://www.comptia-itpro.com/


1. I am looking for a simple answer - CompTIA, LPI or Red Hat Certification?

I have industry experience and a couple of certs under my belt for
non-Linux os's.  I agree with every techie, or should I say
knowledgeable techie, certs don't mean anything... Except to an
employer!!  So, should I take CompTIA Linux+, LPI (Linux Professional
Institute) or the Red Hat Certification (RHCT then RHCE)?  I live in
Canada and the availability for the Red Hat certs are limited but not
impossible...  What do you Think?

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