Epson Printer TM-U200PD

Epson Printer TM-U200PD

Post by kkar » Sat, 07 Sep 2002 09:37:36

I am writing a little POS software and I need to know how I can print
to this printer, it means if there are any special control codes to
Already, I have visited the Epson website and there is no useful
information there.

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I tried to get my EPSON LP-9000 printer worked but failed. Although a lot of
efforts have been given to read through a lot of net printing-howto, I could
not solve the problem. I think I need a /etc/printcap entry for EPSON LP-9000
which is also a postscript printer, and maybe a filter script also needed. Has
anyone ever succeeded in printing or can give me some information on it by
sending email to me?
Thanks in advance.

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