can't boot from hard disk (clarification)

can't boot from hard disk (clarification)

Post by Kevin Campbe » Wed, 09 Jun 1993 02:04:53

This is the message I posted yesterday, it needs a little clarification

>  I seem to have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle.  Just this
>morning I was happily using Linux in conjunction with a rather large
>DOS partition.  I decided to reorganize my drive to allow a little
>more space for my favorite, Linux.  So I backed up everything, fdisked
>away my partitions, and rebooted with a DOS 6 floppy.  Ok, everything's
>fine so far.  Then, once I had the imprtnt DOS files in place on the hard
>drive, I rebooted.  Even though I had no disk in any drive I got a
>"Non system disk or disk error" and had to boot from the floppy again.
>I did an fdisk /MBR, but it did nothing.  I'm pretty sure I did
>everything right with fdisk:  making the primary partition, setting it
>active.  I had LILO installed before and my guess is that's where the
>problem lies.  I couldn't find anything in the FAQ that helped, though.

The part that was apparently unclear was whether I had used DOS fdisk
or Linux fdisk to create my new DOG partition.  Well, I used DOS fdisk
as I was supposed to.  Before I did the fdisk /MBR LILO was still
installed, and after the fdisk /MBR I got the "non system disk" error.

Sorry to be so unclear.



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