Communications Program

Communications Program

Post by Gregory Humphre » Wed, 12 May 1993 22:08:01

Is there a comm program that is a little um, better than kermit?
Something that perhaps supports zmodem?

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1. minicom & other communications programs

I've been having some problems with minicom.

Problem 1 is that minicom hangs often, usually when the
computer with which I'm connected is transferring a large
block of text.

Problem 2 is that minicom never succeeds in hanging up
my modem.

Has anyone out there had similar problems?  Have you been
able to fix them -- and if so, how did you fix them?  Or
did you just give up on minicom and start using another
communications program?  What other good communications
programs are there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Please send
replies to

as I don't read this newsgroup often.  Thanks.

-- Ben Horowitz

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