Repost: [Q] Receiving with smail and SLIP.

Repost: [Q] Receiving with smail and SLIP.

Post by Eric J. Hewi » Wed, 04 Aug 1993 11:13:41


I have recently configured my Linux system to run SLIP to a local server.  The
server uses dynamic IP addresses, and so I have a different address each time
I connect.  It also has no method of connecting my IP address with a name.

What I would like to do is receive mail over normal SMTP with smail.  I have
been successful at sending mail out, but when I try to send a letter to
my Linux box, it never gets delivered.  Through research, I have discovered
that the mail is getting sent to my machine, and then it tries to defer
through the smarthost.  For some reason, it does not think that the mail
is at the right address.  I assume that this is because the local hostname
is dwarf, but the mail is being sent to (or whatever the IP
address is at the time I am logged in).  It acts like it realizes that the
letter is supposed to be sent elsewhere, and attempts to resend it.

Below is my /usr/local/lib/smail/config:

# visible_domain list the domains (primary first) we say we're in
# next is the name in our headers
# this is the path to our smarthost (this could be sysa!sysb!sysc etc.)

I have tried using different smart_path addresses.  If I use the one above,
the letter simply loops around 20 times, and is then returned to sender.  If
I leave it blank, the letters get stuck in the mail queue with the following
messages from mailq -v:

m0oLFYW-00004MC From: root  (in /usr/spool/smail/input)
                Date: Wed, 28 Jul 93 17:44 GMT

             -oMa -oMr smtp

Log of transactions:

Do I need to change the visible name or visible domain in the config file?  I
have tried replacing visible name with the current IP address with no
success.  I have also attempted changing my hostname to the current IP address
and that didn't work, either.  Is there a way to alias all of the possible
IP addresses to my machine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eric Hewitt


1. smail on a SLIP machine fix [Repost]

Recently there were many postings about the failure of
Slackware 2.0s smail 3.1.28 installation. These problems were
identified and fixed (quite simple) and many people have
requested for the fix via email from myself (I wasnt the
person who fixed it.....). What I and others wanted was
a configuration which would let smail queue mailed messages
until a SLIP link was made - thus allowing offline mail

After installation - basically this is it:  

delete /usr/var/smail
make a link from /usr/var/smail to /usr/lib/smail
run the /usr/lib/smail/tools.linux mkconfig file (again)

This generates various files and things can then
be rectified thus:

delete (or backup) the file /usr/lib/smail/routers

replace it with this:
---cut here and put in file routers---

# This is a part from the usr/lib/smail/samples/generic/routers
# (where I replace the uux transport by smtp for my SLIP). That's it !
        driver=smarthost,      # special-case driver
        -path,                 # use smart_path config file variable

---end here ---

Basically it sets up a minimal routers file which makes smail
use a smart host (your SLIP server perhaps) and will queue messages
if there is no link.

This fix is credited to Dirk Eddelbuettel

Linux - reaches the parts other beers fail to reach.

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