Looking for Colorado Jumbo 120 driver.

Looking for Colorado Jumbo 120 driver.

Post by Craig T Mans » Tue, 25 May 1993 16:11:58

I am looking for a Colorado Jumbo 120 (QIC-40?) driver.  I have looked on
tsx-11, sunsite, and wuarchive.  Can anyone point me to one?



1. Colorado Jumbo 120 - QIC 40

A friend of mine and I are planning to install the Linux operating system
and run X on our home computers. Like many PC users in the area, we use the
Colorado Jumbo 120 tape drive.

We would be interested to know if there is any effort to support the QIC-40
(and even QIC-80) "standards" under Linux? If nobody has done any work on
this yet (which I personally doubt), we would be interested in working on
such an effort. If anybody could provide us with (1) hardware reference (and
QIC-40 reference) and (2) any device drivers we could use as a "basis" for
the QIC-40 device driver.

Thanks to all who respond. We will summarize in a week or so.

George Thiruvathukal/Gautam Das
Tellabs - Data Communications Division

George K. Thiruvathukal

Tellabs - Data Communications Division - att!tellab5!gkt
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