9-pin epson driver version 0.2 available

9-pin epson driver version 0.2 available

Post by Neal Beck » Tue, 13 Apr 1993 23:01:39

Alpha release 0.2 of my 9-pin epson driver is available.  Anon ftp to


This is a gzip'd tar file.  Extract using:

'gzip -dc eps02.taz | tar xvf -'

This will build easily on linux.  I also have makefiles (sort of)
setup for MSDOS using DGJPP.

With a small amount of effort you can build this for Borland C.  Only
the makefiles need to be fixed.  Would anyone like to contribute a set
of working makefiles for borland?


1. Announce dvi driver for 9-pin epson

and lo, there was much rejoicing among the people, as

am i the only person who can't find this?

am i the only one who's looking? :)

seriously, i can't find eps-0.1.tar.z on tsx-11.  can you send me
a pointer?


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