TCP/IP Docs and Utils, ELM Docs, WERER ???

TCP/IP Docs and Utils, ELM Docs, WERER ???

Post by BOOS,HANS-CHRISTI » Fri, 04 Jun 1993 19:40:47


I am looking for DOCs on installing TCP/IP on a Linux machine. The docs comming
with SLS are not too explicid on that. Also I am interested in Internet
Management Tools (for this installation)

I've also got a problem with the ELM DOcs included in SLS. They are somewhat
unreadable, ie all the keywords are missing, so where can I get the REAl ELM
reference guide ?



1. translate from MS Word doc (.doc) to Portable doc (.pdf) with Solaris 5.6

I would like to translate a Microsoft Word document (.doc)
into a Portable description file (.pdf) with my SUN station
running with OS SOLARIS 5.6.
How can i do ?
Any information may be helpful.

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