Xconfig for PowerGraph X-24 request.

Xconfig for PowerGraph X-24 request.

Post by Joachim Euchn » Sat, 01 May 1993 21:06:38

Hi People!
I have got the Powegraph X24 on comission from my local dealer.
I some requested Clock Configurations in the Xconfig file,
but nothing seems to work right. ie: I see many 'login' windows
where there should be only one (!). Does anybody know anytyhing
on this board? help please.                  Joachim.

1. Redhat and STB POWERGRAPH X-24

I have an old STB POWERGRAPH x-24 video card ( I know.. a little old but
still a kick ass card..) and I have been trying to install in my linux box.
I just recently aquired a Super VGA monitor and since I was monochrome
before I just used a VIDEO card that came with my box. It is a Cirrus Logic
CL-GD5401 card (another old one but this one is NOT a kick ass card) and it
works OK under X windows but it really sucks with screen size and such. It
only uses the VGA16 card. So I remember the STB Powergraph I used to own.
It has 1mb mem (much more then 215k) and it uses the Triton 9400 CXi
chipset which means it is a SVGA card. Now I can use a better server. But
when I put the Card into my machine it hangs during bootup! Various places
it hangs. Once it hung when it was printing the bogoMIPS line. Another when
it was printing the memory line. I really want this to work and I was
wondering if anybody out there has experience with this card and Linux or
any ideas as to what this might be caused by.

(Machine specs.. 486 SX 25mhz 16mb MEM, in2000 SCSI controller with one
SCSI HD attached to it. Aha1520A controller with one CD-ROM and one CD-R.
ne2000 compatible network card.)

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