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i write for a big problem.

We have a Novell network with a server Novell/386 and 21 workstations
connected. We have a gateway to an IBM4381 host with which we can connect
through SNA connection with IBM pc3270 software.
The net-hardware is Token-Ring.
The Netware server have Berkeley sockets module but we can do nothing with it
(of course).
The problem is that we need to telnet out of the IBM host to the Internet.
pc3270 do not have vt100 emulation (of course) but we NEED some kind of
vt100 emulation to work properly with telnet sessions.
The question is:
- did it exist a way that can let us connect the IBM4381 mainframe with
  vt100 terminal emulation ?
- Which software (preferably public domain software) can we use and which
  configuration we must setup to run tn3270 on the token-ring
  network ? Did tn3270 provide vt100 terminal emulation ?
- is there some other software that we can use to resolv our problem ?

For Linux group:
- is there some way to run Linux on a Token-Ring, to connect the remote IBM4381
  through the Token-Ring and the SNA gateway ?
- I run Linux on my pc since March of this year, and i know unix very well, so
  i'm not a novice, but i'm not able (and i have not the time) to write
  a token-ring driver. Is there some kernel patch to let Linux open the
  Token-Ring board and use it to communicate via the gateway and SNA ?
  The final problem is that we need to open a connection with the IBM4381
  with telnet.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
I have no idea to start with so any idea is welcome.

Please send replies directly to my account 'cause i have no much time to read
If i will resolv the problem i will post summary of the answers.

Thanx in advance.

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1. Novell via DOS emu. Can't locate Novell server.

Hello you.

I have a problem locating the novell server from DOS-emu. Loading pdipx and netx works fine, but I cant find the server. Here is what I get:

Novell IPX/SPX  v3.10 (911121)                                                  
(C) Copyright 1985, 1991 Novell Inc.  All Rights Reserved.                      

LAN Option: Packet Driver V1.03EC (920928) Intel (c) 1992, No Warrenty          
Hardware Configuration: First Packet Driver, Find Interrupt                    

C:\>lh netx.exe                                                                

NetWare Workstation Shell  v3.32 (930217)                                      
(C) Copyright 1993 Novell, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.                          
Patent Pending.                                                                

Running on DOS V5.00                                                            

Attached to server FSL                                                          
07-25-94    11:22:25 pm                                                        


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